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What can I do with Convergely?

In short, with Convergely you can:

schedule messages for unique or recurring future deliveries assign tasks to team members annotate images create simple polls and collect feedback from team members.

However, we love to create new features, so…

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Is there anything to be taken into consideration when scheduling my post?

For best results, please schedule messages to be posted a minimum of 5 minutes in advance.

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Will there be any more features?

Yes, we are constantly adding new features to Convergely available to everyone. However, we usually let our paid subscribers try them first.

If you are interested in a particular feature, please drop us an email and let us…
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Can I change my plan later on?

Yes, of course. You can upgrade or downgrade your pricing plan at any time. 

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If I am not the owner of my online team, can I still pay?

Yes, you can. You can also cancel your subscription at any moment and let the owner or administrator pay for the plan.

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What are my payment options?

For the moment, you can use your credit card to pay for your plan of choice. The credit card setup process is simple, secure and intuitive.

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Why is the Convergely branding on all my messages?

Under the free mode, we automatically add the Convergely branding to your messages. You can remove it if you subscribe to one of our paid plans or we can remove it for you once all your teammates start using…

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What is included in the paid plans?

We currently have the Ham Solo plan for
Individual Users, which includes 150 scheduled messages, 30 annotations, 30 tasks and 30 polls per month.

If you want to use Convergely
with your team, you can choose the Bronze…
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Are the apps free?

Convergely is and always will be free for you to try. You can schedule two messages, create one poll, annotate one image and assign one task for free. If you want to systematically use Convergely with your team members, subscribe…

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How do I know my team members situated in different time zones receive the messages as scheduled?

Convergely is the perfect message scheduling tool for team members that are geographically dispersed. It delivers scheduled messages at the time of your choosing, according to the user’s set time zone.

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