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Who is Keo?

Keo is our handy helping raccoon.

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Can I chose where I want to use Annotate?

For a more customized user experience, go to the “Manage Annotate Settings” section and choose in which groups and channels you want to use the feature. You can also choose whether or not you want to use the app…

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Keo Slash Commands

The Slash commands below are
for Slack only. 


Schedule your messages to be delivered when they are the most relevant for the recipient.

/keo schedule today in 2 hours What’s the status on the…

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How do I know my team members situated in different time zones receive the messages as scheduled?

Convergely is the perfect message scheduling tool for team members that are geographically dispersed. It delivers scheduled messages at the time of your choosing, according to the user’s set time zone.

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What can I do with Convergely?

In short, with Convergely you can:

schedule messages for unique or recurring future deliveries assign tasks to team members annotate images create simple polls and collect feedback from team members.

However, we love to create new features, so…

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How do I know the exact time my message is scheduled for when I select a default time?

Make sure all your messages are always scheduled at your desired times, by customizing your time preferences in the “Settings” section.

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What permissions does Convergely require from my Slack account?

When configuring your Convergely account, you are asked to provide a variety of permissions for your Slack account. We understand you may be concerned about what we do with this information. 

Here is everything you need to…

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How do I create a poll in Slack?

Use our intuitive and easy-to-use poll maker to swiftly add a poll to your chat room. 

Now you are able to quickly make decisions with real-time data from your team.

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How many polls can I create?

The number of polls depends on the type of plan you are subscribed to, check the details

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What is Convergely?

Convergely is a suite of productivity tools designed to enhance team communication on Slack and HipChat. It helps our boost their workflow and helps teams to have a swifter, more dynamic communication.

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